🚨 SOS! How to Avoid Leads and Social Media Followers That Don’t Buy From You!

April 7, 2022

Want sales?

You need leads first. But, you already know that, right?

So, you’re madly posting x3 times a week on Instagram, recording weekly podcasts and growing an email list of subscribers you desperately hope will one day buy.

Little by little, your audience grows.


But then, the next hurdle — MY LEADS AREN’T BUYING!

Ahhh, yes.

It’s a common conundrum.

Like the course creator who spends $3,000 to build their list ahead of a launch —

only to roll out a big, flashy launch and hear crickets chirping in their bank account (and not a SINGLE ‘cha-ching’).

Or the service provider that busts their gut creating Reels —

only to have one FINALLY go viral and give them 1000 new followers, and not a SINGLE one enquiry for their signature design service.

Or the coach who spends seven hours on discovery calls trying to convert new leads —

only to have ONE convert into a new client for their upcoming group coaching program.

All three KNOW the importance of leads.. but they’re missing ONE critical distinction:

The difference between a LEAD.. and a QUALIFIED lead.

And TRUST ME, if you want a profitable, sustainable business with a steady stream of dreamies buying your offer/s? You need a process for distinguishing the FORMER from the LATTER quickly.

That’s EXACTLY what we are diving DEEP into in this episode of the podcast!

Here’s what we cover:

So, let’s break it down.

  1. Leads —


Social media followers, email subscribers.

What are they:

They have come into your ecosystem because you gave them something they want. Depending on your content strategy, traffic source and marketing strategy, they MAY or MAY not be right for your offers.

2. Qualified Leads —


Email subscribers and followers who are the perfect fit for your offers

What are they:

An echelon higher. A specific, defined lead that fits the specific qualification criteria for the core offer/s in your business and who is primed and ready to buy.


If people aren’t BUYING YOUR STUFF, you don’t have qualified leads.

It’s that simple.

Which begs the question, how do you get them?

Well, it’s simple, and it’s a three step process —

  1. KNOW who your dream customer/client/student is

If you don’t know WHO you are speaking to and the qualification criteria that define your dreamies, how can you ever expect to attract them (”if you’re speaking to everyone, you’re speaking to no-one”);

2. Craft specific content to attract them

DO NOT create content ‘for everyone’ to be popular, without aligning it to serve the people who want to buy from you;

3. Quickly qualify them

This is where the magic is! If you are doing the first two right, you will be well on your way to an audience of people who will actually buy from you.

The best way to identify them?

With a “heck yes!” low cost offer that turns them into a buyer and PRIMES them to be ready for your main offers. And THIS, my friend? Is EXACTLY what we are able to help you with in Paid to Grow.

Bottom line?

If you’ve GOT leads, and you’ve GOT an offer, but people aren’t buying —>

  1. You’ve either got an issue with your offer (in which case, you should fix that first), or
  2. You are missing a system for building a DATABASE of QUALIFIED leads to effortlessly ascend them into said offer.

The solution to the latter.

An “in between” step to identify your qualified leads and perfectly prime + position them to be READY for your main thing/s (and we’re handing it to you on a silver platter)

We call it a Paid to Grow offer.. and you can get it right now at steviesayssocial.com/courses for a steal.

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