A Quick Note on Motivation v Discipline

May 24, 2022

“BUT I DON’T FEEL LIKE IT TODAY!!!” – says everyone, always, when it comes to showing up on social media, writing blog posts.. or doing anything else in the name of ‘marketing’ for their business.

I find it curious.


Because there are so many moving elements when running a business, from balancing your books, business plans, hiring staff members, financial planning and paying bills.. and yet, we never use phrases like “I’m not in the mood”, “I don’t feel like showing up today” or “I will once I find the motivation” when it comes to these ‘critical’ business tasks.

So, why do we ALLOW these excuses to be so commonly used when it comes to one of the most CRITICAL elements for our long term business sustainability?

In today’s podcast episode, I cover the difference between motivation and discipline,
and why ‘getting motivated’ is the LAST thing you need when it comes to marketing your business.

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Let me give it to you straight:

Motivation, as a concept, is flawed.

It is defined as the desire or drive to reach a goal or need.

Here’s an example of motivation in the wild:

You decide to join a gym, sign up for a membership and go the first two days.

On day three? It’s cold, you had a few wines the night before and you’re not feeling it.

If you relied solely on motivation, you would say “hmm, I’m not as motivated I think I’ll skip today”.

If, however, you shifted your mindset towards the concept of discipline, you would remove the element of choice.

Rather than being motivated, you would HAVE to do it — no choice about it.

We invite you to view your marketing ‘to dos’ as something that require discipline to complete; NOT motivation.

Discipline is the ability to continue taking action, regardless of how you’re feeling or what obstacles may be in your way.

We’re all human, we all get tired, we all have life get in the way, and we will always go through peaks and troughs of motivation.

By shifting from relying on MOTIVATION to post on social media, or create podcasts, or do the ‘stuff’ you know you should be doing, and instead focusing on discipline — which means doing it anyway — you remove the ability to LET YOURSELF off the hook just because you don’t feel like it.

Try it, and see what happens 😉

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