A Simple Social Media Sales Funnel That Sells – A Case Study with Tegan Studsor

April 23, 2019

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Episode Summary

Want to know how to build a simple social media sales funnel that sells, but unsure where to start?

If so, you’re not alone.

In this podcast episode, I speak to Tegan Studsor from Traffic Force and AusQ Training. Tegan is a recent student in the Hashtags Aren’t The Answer program, and through the program has gone through the process of lifting her social media game within her businesses.

Anyone who is struggling with their socials will benefit a lot from this episode. In it, we discuss Tegan’s challenges with being an ‘unsexy’ business and wondering how to amplify her online presence, and her frustrations with being stuck in the social media vortex – posting over and over without achieving any real results.

We then discuss, step by step, the actions that Tegan took (with the help of my free Social Media Bootcamp and paid program Hashtags Aren’t The Answer) to turn things around and start securing sales from her social media efforts.

These include:

  • Diving into Facebook ads and starting to test using the ‘boost’ button – with surprisingly good results (including over 500 shares!);
  • Doing the little things right, including engaging with followers, replying to comments and more;
  • Just taking action and getting STARTED;
  • Setting business objectives and tracking results;
  • Creating video content;
  • Creating a simple sales process to nurture leads from social media to a sale;
  • Creating a lead magnet to build an email list of ideal clients;
  • Putting together a landing page to capture email addresses;
  • Learning from what other industries are doing;
  • And more.

Links and Resources

AusQ Training website

Traffic Force website

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