Blending Business and Babies with Lorraine Murphy

December 3, 2019

The juggle is a load of shite. 

There, I said. 

Actually, it wasn’t actually me that said it – it was Lorraine Murphy, author of ‘Baby, You’re Remarkable’, award-winning entrepreneur, best-selling author and speaker – and I love her for it. 

In today’s episode, Lorraine and I have a mum-to-mum conversation about why trying to juggle motherhood and business is a recipe for disaster, and why a blend is a far better option. 

This is an honest conversation that will resonate with anyone that has ever contemplated having kids and wondered how they would manage it with their biz baby, anyone with a new baby (putting my hand up here!) or anyone that has been through it all and come out the other side. 

Life with business and a baby ain’t easy, but knowing that there are others going through it all too – and who are willing to talk about the challenges and the highs in a real way – makes it all seem a little more doable. 

So, let’s dive in!

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Here’s what we cover:

  • The surrender required when deciding whether or not to have a baby;
  • How having a baby changes you, and the impact that can have on your business;
  • Navigating your relationship in the wake of a new addition to the family;
  • Travelling with a baby;
  • And more

If you’re thinking about starting a family, if you’re a new mum/mom or if you’re in the midst of family life and craving to hear from other business mamas you can relate to, this is the podcast for you!

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Listen On: Apple Podcasts | Spotify

Blending Business and Babies Lorraine Murphy


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