Building Your Personal Brand Online with Youtube and Live Video with Erin Henry

May 14, 2019

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Episode Summary

Ever thought about building a personal brand online? That’s exactly what Erin Henry has done, and in this episode she gives away her top tips for doing the same.

Erin is a Personal Branding Strategist who has built a successful coaching business as a result of her focus on creating regular consistent content on a number of different platforms. She has a Youtube Channel with over 100,000 subscribers, a podcast, and is very active on live video on Instagram.

In this episode, we uncover all of the secrets involved for those wanting to do the same:

  • How Erin built an audience by creating consistent content long before she turned it into a business;
  • Why creating content long before you launch can be a huge benefit – it gives you time to suck (!), to experiment with different content topics to find a niche that you love;
  • Where to start if you are interested in your own Youtube channel (and the importance of just getting STARTED);
  • Why ‘which camera should I buy?’ is the worst question to start with;
  • Not letting perfection get in the way of just getting going;
  • Why looking at people a few steps ahead is the worst thing you can do;
  • The importance of consistency;
  • The one thing that changed EVERYTHING for Erin on Youtube and really supercharged her audience growth and Youtube success;
  • Being the most unapologetic version of yourself;
  • Why going viral is simply a numbers game;
  • The importance of binge worthy content and keeping people on the platform;
  • The power of aligned content;
  • How to structure your Youtube content and the importance of understanding the context of the platform;
  • An overview of how Erin live streams on Facebook and Instagram;
  • How to get started with live streaming even when you don’t yet have an audience;
  • The power of live streaming for service based businesses and the way that it develops the know, like and trust factor as well as developing your expertise;
  • The power of the DM as a sales channel;
  • Voice noting on Instagram;
  • How to create a lot of content on social media without it being a total time suck;
  • Which of podcasting, Youtube and Instagram has been the most effective;
  • Erin’s content formula.

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Building Your Personal Brand Online with Youtube and Live Streaming


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