Data v Emotion: How to Reverse Engineer Your Online Course Success with Math

October 26, 2021

In this episode, we break down how to reverse engineer your online course success with simple math.

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Online course math is simple.

But, of course, we’re human and so we lovvvve to overcomplicate it.

The quickest way to know if your online course promo was successful is THIS:

Drive at least 100 people to your offer page (200 – 300 is better).

For every 100 eyeballs, aim for 1 – 5 sales.

(One is baseline, 5 is awesome).

And based on your results, optimize from there.

👉If you launch, and DON’T get 100 eyeballs? You have a traffic problem.

You need MORE eyeballs, and so your focus needs to be a traffic and visibility plan with simple, smart, strategic KPIs.

This isn’t a “cross your fingers, post a few times on social and hope” type of thing. It’s going, okay, next time I need 300 eyeballs so my strategy is to run $1000 in list building Facebook ads with a goal CPL of $3 per lead for four weeks ($250 a week) with a goal of 333 leads.

Or to appear on x4 guest podcasts with a listenership of approximately 1000 each with a goal of 200 leads (5% to download lead magnet mentioned on episode).

In other words? SPECIFIC. MEASURABLE. Not this —>🤞🤞🤞

👉If you launch and do the work to get the eyeballs, but didn’t get the NUMBER sales you wanted? You have a conversion problem. You need an OPTIMISATION strategy; looking at each piece of your funnel and making a list of areas to optimise for next time.

Here’s what NOT to do, though:

Launch an offer, fail to hit your goal and then spend MONTHS solving the wrong perceived ‘problem’ by basing your analysis of what happened on emotion rather than data.

Here’s what this often looks like:

👉 Calling a launch with a 3 – 4% (VERY GOOD) conversion rate a ‘failure’ and creating a whole new offer/completely different launch strategy after already spending HOURS creating the original one. Fixing a leads problem simply require a SINGLE FOCUS on more leads, NOT trying to fix an offer/conversion problem that doesn’t actually exist.

👉 Running thousands in Facebook ads to a launch to try and ‘fix’ a launch that didn’t sell the first time. If you had eyeballs the first time and it didn’t sell, spending a heap of money to get MORE eyeballs isn’t going to solve your problem. Ads amplify what’s already working (or not working).. they WON’T fix a conversion problem. Fixing a conversion problem requires a SINGLE focus on breaking down (using data) exactly WHICH part of your offer or funnel isn’t working, and fixing it.

👉 Giving up all together. Silly, because you how have the data on exactly what needs to happen to get this thing right. Didn’t get the eyeballs.. traffic and visibility plan for you. Got the eyeballs but didn’t get the conversions… optimisation plan for you.

Launch plan:
100 eyeballs.1 – 5 sales.

Post launch plan: Analyse your results and either celebrate or get to work fixing the RIGHT problem.

The data doesn’t lie 😉

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