Get Inspired to Start and Grow the Business of your Dreams with Kaylene Langford, Start Up Creative

March 26, 2019

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Episode Summary

Want to start and grow the business of your dreams?

If so, this is the episode for you.

Whether you’re still in corporate and you’re dreaming of more freedom, or you’re a business owner wanting to take your biz baby to the next level, there is some gold in here for you.

Kaylene Langford is the founder and co-director of StartUp Creative. She is a business coach that works with people to help them realise their potential and exceed their own expectations.

In this episode, we chat about a lot. Here’s a sneak peek:

    • The journey of StartUp Creative and how it came to be;
    • Everyone has an idea for a business – but not everyone knows what to do with it;
    • A discussion around our decisions to start a business, and the ability to design your life;
    • How to build a business that allows you to build your dream life;
    • The freedom of lifestyle that goes along with creating a business on your own terms;
    • The personal issues we both had with corporate life and trying to fit into a ‘corporate box’;
    • Kaylene’s catalyst for change and what ultimately pushed her to start a business;
    • The importance of realising that you create your own reality, and the impact of procrastination, inaction and ‘talking’ about doing something;
    • The perks of business ownership, including the amount of work
    • Success comes through small actions carried out consistently – you can’t always see the path laid out ahead of you or know what’s coming;
    • The importance of being in the game and just STARTING;
    • Some of the unexpected things that have happened to Kaylene since starting her business;
    • The importance of acting on opportunities when they come up;
    • How to deal with the ups and downs of business ownership;
    • The importance of appreciating the little things and having perspective;
  • Acknowledging that starting a business involves learning a whole new skill set and to need to give yourself the grace to learn.

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