How Katie Manifested $50k in Online Course Sales in Six Months (With a Small Audience and a Newborn!)

January 11, 2022

The ingredients required to be a successful course creator involve a happy marriage of three things – strategy, mindset and action. In today’s podcast episode, we explore how our Launchpad client Katie Hokin used each of these three key ingredients to quite literally manifest $50,000 in course sales in 6 months – with a tiny audience, a newborn, a toddler and a brand new business to boot.

Katie Hokin is a Mindset and Marketing Coach. She works with Consultants, Creative and Coaches teaching them to GLOW and GROW online. Her signature course ShowUp on Social is the first step to helping them confidently ShowUp online, become known in their niche, charge their worth and build their inspiring, impactful and abundant business.

If you have any excuses or limiting beliefs holding YOU back from scaling your own successful digital course or program, you will find a heavy dose of inspiration in Katie’s story.

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Here’s What We Cover:

  • [3.25] How to Show Up on Social Media in a way that feels congruent to you. Spoiler alert: you DON’T need to dance and point on Reels to effectively use video on social media, and there is absolutely a way to do it in a way that feels completely aligned to you.
  • [6.35] Where Katie was 12 months ago and her catalyst for deciding to create an online course. 12 months ago, Katie was working in hotel marketing working on service based offerings, and she joined Launchpad to teach hoteliers how to market their business. After going through a future pacing exercise where she visioned where she wanted to be in five – ten years, she decided that she wasn’t lit up or inspired by a future in hotel marketing. Katie realised that her true passion was in coaching women in mindset and marketing, but thought it was only something she could pursue when she “made it”. After some soul searching, she decided to follow her heart and go all in.
  • [13.30] How Katie landed on her niche and specific course topic. Katie conducted some market research to find out the desires and fears of her audience, and she found that the word ‘show up’ was a pattern that was repeated over and over again. It was clear that this was the biggest pain point for her audience, and her big takeaway from that was that it’s your AUDIENCE that should decide on the topic for your online course – not you!
  • [17.30] How Katie Validated Her Course Idea and Got Paid to Create It In Advance. Before joining Launchpad, Katie couldn’t wrap her head around selling something that wasn’t created. After going through the process, she was completely on board and feels that it paid for her investment 10 times over. She breaks down what that process looked like for her.
  • [21.00] The role of mindset and energetics in Katie’s success. We discuss Katie’s approach to her course sales events, and how her mindset and the way she showed up positively impacted her sales results. In the lead up to her launch events, Katie and Stevie spoke about benchmarks for launch events, but Katie decided to ‘break the mold’ and think differently about what is possible with exceptional results. She believes that it was her ability to infuse the law of attraction into her course launch efforts that results in higher than average results.
  • [31.00] How Katie Reframes Fear and Takes the Action Anyway. We spoke about how perfectionism and procrastination can hold many course creators back, and how Katie approaches feels ALL of these things and commits to taking action anyway. In her words? “The only way to get over the fear of doing something is by doing it!”
  • [35.00] Why You Need to Grow Into Your Success. Often, we dream of a $100,000 launch straight out of the gate, but when starting out we’re not always well equipped to handle the level of success we desire straight out of the gate. Both Katie and I share our experiences with ‘sudden success’, and why incremental step-by-step growth can in fact be better because it allows you to grow into the person you need to be to be able to handle that success in the first place!
  • [39.00] How Katie Achieved a Hugely Successful Sales Event Without a Big Audience. Katie decided to leverage the power of partnerships to sell her digital course because she knew her own audience was still small and she didn’t have the time to organically grow it to the level it needed to be in order to be “successful” with her launch. By leveraging other people’s audiences, she was able to build huge rapport and “borrow” other people’s audiences to fast track her growth. The secret sauce, for her, was to find similar but non competing audiences to partner with and create a win win outcome for them, and for her.
  • [45.00] How Katie Made $52,000 From Her Online Course. We talk through Katie’s results in the Launchpad program in 2021 in terms of revenue and the steps she took to achieve this in six months.
  • [48.40] What Would Katie Say to the “Old Katie” About Whether to Go All In and Create, Launch and Scale a Flagship Digital Course. Katie’s advice is to lead into the uncomfortableness. Rather than letting her logical brain kick in – with fears like “I don’t have the audience, I’m not ready” – Katie decided to go all in anyway and prioritise her heart over her head.

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