How Leanne’s First Flagship Online Course Has Helped 50+ Facilitators Get Booked Out

November 23, 2021

In this podcast episode, Leanne and I talk about her course creation journey and how she has successfully enrolled 50+ students in 2021.

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Newsflash! Trying to “funnel” hack or duct tape random strategies you see other “successful” course creators implementing online is NOT a course creation strategy 😉

Just ask Leanne Hughes, an international facilitator, trusted advisor and speaker who loves helping consultants book out five more workshops, for every workshop they deliver.

Earlier this year after one too many 12 hours days in her service work, Leanne joined Launchpad and got to work creating, launching and scaling her very first flagship digital course, the Booked Out Facilitator.

In the months since, she has helped more than 50+ new facilitators get booked out, something she attributes to the savvy messaging, strategic validation process and simple ‘light’ launch strategies inside of the Launchpad program (and of course, her killer course which delivers REAL results).

In today’s podcast episode, Leanne and I talk about her course creation journey to date, as well as sharing some of Leanne’s gems of wisdom around how to be a fun, engaging and results focused facilitator in this virtual world so many of us operate in!

We covered:

  • Leanne’s journey towards course creation, and the speed bumps she hit early on in her journey;
  • How getting crystal clear on the sellable result of Leanne’s course was the catalyst for course sales (and how she did it!);
  • The process Leanne used to validate her course and intake 8 students to get paid to create it;
  • The joyful, easeful process Leanne implemented in her first launch to intake 30 new students and crack $30,000 in revenue;
  • How Leanne uses her facilitation skills to create an engaging, fun “welcome party” for her students (and step-by-step tips to help you do the same);
  • And more!

If you’re a service provider that has dabbled in digital products without yet ‘cracking the code’, Leanne’s story is for you!

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