How Lexie Beat Her Mindset Gremlins to Make $10k in Her First Online Course Launch

March 8, 2022

Wondering what a first time course launch looks like — the good, the bad and the nerve-wracking? In today’s podcast episode, Lexie breaks down her very first webinar launch inside of our Launchpad program. She had been thinking about creating a digital course for two years, but had put it off because it felt like Mount Everest 🏔 In her time in Launchpad, she has validated her flagship course, Confident and Clear, and has had a five figure launch helping other women suffering with acne.

Lexie is a Naturopath who supports women suffering with acne to clear their skin naturally, even when they feel like they’ve tried everything! She empowers her clients to get informed about their hormones, gut health & skin so that they can create change, get glowing skin & feel a million bucks in the process.

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Here’s what we cover: 

  • [4.28 min] Why Lexie started with low cost digital products. We spoke about why a low cost digital product isn’t ACTUALLY the best path to take, and Lexie’s decision to swap to digital products.
  • [6.35 min] What prompted Lexie to finally create her course. Lexie had been thinking about creating an online course for two years. She was nervous about the price of joining Launchpad, and ultimately decided to base her decision on the return on investment.
  • [11 mins] How Lexie decided on her online course topic. Lexie was mentally tussling between two course ideas. She was nervous about her ability of generating a transformation without her personal 1:1 time, which is a common thought – especially in health practitioners. 
  • [13.19] Lexie’s four part framework for her course. We spoke through how Lexie created a methodology that was completely unique to her, which allowed her to separate her way of teaching from the way others teach the same topic. This created a unique point of difference for her. 
  • [17.44 min] How to separate your personal self worth from your launch results.  We spoke about how Lexie empowers and encourages her clients and students to own their own results, and how she manages to separate her client’s personal self worth from their results. 
  • [21 mins] Lexie’s experience with validating her course and the mindset struggles that went with it. Lexie talked through the process of validating her online course, and how she dealt with the experience of perceived rejection as she started to receive some objections, and how she learnt to detach from her results. 
  • [28 mins] The challenges Lexie faced creating her course. Lexie underestimated the amount of time it would take to create her digital course, and mentions the existential crisis she had trying to work out if she would be able to get through it all!
  • [29.45 mins] The FUN Lexie had in her webinar launch. Lexie speaks through her experience in her webinar launch, and how she managed to inject her personality into her launch. She spoke through her launch results, and how she was on a high after the webinar launch. She had switched her mindset after her experience going through the Foundation Round, and went into the launch with a curious mindset which positively affected her experience. She felt more confident having the course created, and feeling genuinely proud to get it out there!
  • [34.05 mins] Launching is an energy game. We speak about launching being a TOTAL ENERGY game, and the importance of feeling confident and PROUD of your offer. 
  • [36.15 mins] Lexie’s launch results. We spoke through Lexie’s launch numbers and how her numbers played out, with a five figure launch and 3.5% conversion rate. 
  • [40mins] Lexie’s wins and lessons from her first launch, and the tips and tricks she would give to anyone else thinking about launching an online course. Lexie’s big win was creating, delivering and selling her course live after getting it off the one day shelf. Her biggest lesson was the mindset side of things. 

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