How to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy (A Case Study)

February 8, 2018

Let’s get one thing straight.

Crossing your fingers and hoping for the best isn’t a social media strategy.

I see TOO many businesses dive in, set up their socials, start posting like crazy and then STRUGGLE. Struggle to gain followers. Struggle with the follow/unfollow rubbish currently going on on Instagram. Struggle to get their posts seen. Struggle with what to post.

And then, they give up and tell me social media doesn’t work – and it BREAKS my heart.

Because, I know – from my own (very recent) personal experience and from the clients that I work with – that social media is the BOMB and that it can really propel a business forward when it’s done right.

So, rather than than talking all social media strategy theory and watching your eyes glaze over, I thought I’d use the journey to launch Stevie Says Social (my own company) as a case study.

I’m going to show you step by step, behind the scenes, how I put together and implemented a social Media Strategy which took me from working full time at a Corporate job with no business let alone social media presence, to launching on day one with a full roster of clients and a genuine social media following of 2000 on Instagram and 1500 on Facebook  in the space of 6 months.  

And let me stop and say – they aren’t massive numbers. It’s not all about 100,000 fans in 30 days. But those fans? They are ALL potential clients, and when I look at it I see a pipeline of 3500 potential clients and THAT excites me.

Listen in for the exact steps I took.

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Just like you!

Seriously though, I’d really appreciate it.

‘Til next time.

How to Create a Killer Social Media Strategy - Stevie Says Social

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