How to Hack Your Own PR with Odette Barry, Odette and Co

June 4, 2019

Want to learn how to hack your own PR?

You should.

There are huge opportunities for small businesses willing to put in the work to hack their own PR and gain media coverage for their business.

Whether you’re seeking to lift your authority, showcase your expertise, build your brand awareness or generate solid leads and/or business, there are PR opportunities ready and waiting for you.

In today’s Stevie Says Social podcast episode, I chat with Odette Barry from Odette and Co all about how to Hack Your Own PR.

So, let’s dive in!

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Here’s a few things we cover, along with some truthbombs from Odette:

👉 Is the media release dead? What the role of a media release is in 2019, and the difference between the ‘spray and pray approach’ and carefully curating thoughtful press releases;

👉PR is all about relationships and playing the long game.

👉Find people that you can connect to, and create mutually beneficial relationships. Because it should be about a value exchange with the media outlets you want to work with. You’re giving them something they want that is going to serve their audiences, and in exchange they are giving you (attention of) their listeners.

👉How to ask for a pitch, and the importance of being personal and showing your appreciation to someone.

How to Hack Your Own PR

👉How recent changes in the media landscape has changed the way small businesses should be approaching PR. This includes the rise and rise of digital media and the shrinking nature of traditional newsrooms.

👉How to approach traditional media in the face their limited resources, huge volume of pitches and the like.

👉The importance of ‘circuit breakers’, killer subject lines and the need for a little bit of mystery, knowing the deadlines of the outlet and sending the pitch at the right time.

👉The best time to send a pitch for a digital media publications, for print and for magazines.

👉 The art of the pitch, and whether (plus how to!) follow up.

👉Instead of blasting out to big outlets that have just a small percentage of your ideal audience, you can find cool little niche outlets like podcasts and blog that have 100% of the audience that matters to you and have a much bigger impact.

👉How to find the right publications and people to pitch to, and the value of strategic stalking.

👉The different types of pitches you could consider.

👉The trust and authority that mass media still has, and the power it has in establishing and altering reputation.

👉The step-by-step process for hacking your own PR, including:

Research:: This includes knowing which publications to approach (based on your ideal customer), researching content and angles, finding the right publications, finding the right person within the organisation, and then beginning to develop the relationship with that person.

Pitch:: Ensuring the subject line is great, thinking about the storytelling and value exchange elements of your pitch (know your why!), personalising the pitch, tailoring your experience and the pitch to the publication, creating FOMO to inspire action through urgency (for example, can it be time sensitive?) , scarcity and gravity.

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How to Hack Your Own PR


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