How to Personalise Your Offline Marketing with Jo Eleanor, Calligraphy En Vogue

March 11, 2019

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Episode Summary::

Jo Eleanor is the creative behind Calligraphy En Vogue, a modern calligraphy service specialising in brand experiences and personalised business stationery who has worked with a number of big brands including Givenchy and Chanel.

In this episode, we discuss ways that she and other small businesses can amplify their business by stepping away from digital marketing and personalising their marketing efforts offline.

We chat about:

  • Jo’s business, her clients and what modern calligraphy is;
  • Jo’s work with fashion brands and their emphasis on personalisation and brand experiences as a way of differentiating their brand in a competitive premium fashion marketplace;
  • Examples of brand activations she has done for big brands like Givenchy and what small businesses can learn and adopt in their own business;
  • How personalising gifts for influencers can encourage user generated content for brands;
  • How to stand out with your influencer marketing efforts and get them to actual feature your product on their social channels;
  • Examples of personalised offline marketing;
  • How Jo used a combination of content marketing, branding and unique PR initiatives to attract her ideal client;
  • Why writing personalised thank you cards should be a part of your marketing strategy;
  • How to personalise your marketing for people you want to work with, people you currently work with and people you have worked with in the past.

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How to Personalise Your Offline Marketing Efforts

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