How to Use Facebook Live and Instagram Stories for Business with Emily Spicer-Stuart

September 4, 2018



In this podcast episode, we cover how to use both Facebook Live and Instagram Stories for Business with Business Marketing Coach Emily Spicer Stuart.

As a business coach working so closely with her clients, it’s super important that her potential clients feel like she is someone that they can connect with.

This is something that is true for most service-based businesses; the biggest barriers to someone working with you are showing that you are someone that knows what they are doing, and also that you are someone that they like and can relate to.

Emily overcomes both of these objections with a (very!) strong social media marketing game that focuses specifically on Instagram Stories and Facebook Live.

Show Notes

  • How Facebook Live can help you connect to your tribe by letting people in ‘behind closed doors’;
  • How easily Facebook Live can be incorporated into your day;
  • How to write an engaging caption to entice people to watch your Facebook Live;
  • How to use Facebook live to position yourself as an expert and also relate to the RIGHT people;
  • How to get over the fear of getting started;
  • The importance of preparation and what to do to get ready before you hit the live button.
  • Practical examples of how Facebook Live and Instagram Stories has amplified your business.
  • How to shorten the ‘sales cycle’ for potential clients using Facebook Live and Insta stories;
  • Emily’s strategy for Facebook live, including her frequency, when she goes live, the content she includes and why.
  • Emily’s strategy for Instagram Stories, and how she uses it to grow the ‘know and like’ element.
  • How to interact with people in a Facebook live.
  • How to use Instagram Stories to open up 1:1 conversation with potential clients and customers.
  • How to keep both FB Live and Stories simple with snackable content;
  • How to add personality and to your videos – there’s no need to be perfect.
  • The importance of engaging and replying for creating community and extending organic reach;
  • Repurpose, repurpose, repurpose!
  • How to promote a Facebook Live through Instagram Stories

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