Launching a Podcast at #1 with Kayla Houlihan

December 17, 2019

Apple Podcasts

Dreaming of starting a podcast and rocketing to the top of the podcast charts?

Well, stop dreaming – because it’s totally possible!

In today’s episode, I interview Kayla Houlihan, the owner of Tribe Skincare. She recently completed my Podcast Blueprint and launched her podcast, The Bite-Size Biz Room at #1 on the Apple Podcasts Business Charts and #9 overall.

Here’s a few things we cover in this episode:

  • Why Kayla decided to start a podcast as a business owner, how she uses it as a form of content marketing and her desire to share her knowledge with other business owners;
  • How having a podcast has helped Kayla with the sales of her information product, and her strategy for driving sales to that product;
  • Kayla’s generosity in giving away business advice and the impact it has had on her skincare business;
  • Why Kayla didn’t start a podcast when she first started thinking about, and what made her finally do it;
  • The process Kayla used when putting together her podcast, including purchasing equipment, developing a strategy and putting together a content plan;
  • How Kayla launched her podcast at the top of the podcast charts – including number #1 on the business charts on Apple Podcasts;
  • Tips and tricks for getting to the top of the charts;
  • Why you don’t need to have a big audience in order to get to the top of the charts;
  • What role reviews play in the weighting of podcasts within the charts;
  • How podcasting has allowed Kayla to diversify her marketing efforts away from Instagram;
  • The value for e-commerce brands starting a podcast;
  • The importance of having a point of difference when starting a podcast in an increasingly competitive environment;
  • An interesting conversation around copycats and the value in giving your best advice away for free;
  • And more!

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