Show Me the Money! How to Turn Email Subscribers Into Buyers

April 4, 2022

I bet you’ve heard some of these things:

“You don’t own your social media platforms!”

“Build a list of email subscribers!”

“You need a lead magnet to grow your list!”

“Email is the highest converting platform for sales!!!”

I have, because it seems that every online marketer out there says them!

And let me say, it IS sage advice, but it begs the question — how on EARTH does one turn a measly email subscriber into a real, paying client, customer or student?!



*Crickets chirping*

*Online marketing expert clears throat and exits room with vague excuse*

EVERYONE tells you that you need an email list.

But NO-ONE is talking about the journey from list to raving buyer, because there’s more to it than getting someone to download a free PDF.

And, if you want the REAL uncomfortable truth?!

A simple lead magnet ISN’T enough to turn someone into a customer — at least, by itself.

And THAT’S where the customer journey comes in.. which is exactly what we’re talking about in today’s episode!

Here’s what we cover:

Ultimately, your course must solve a problem — otherwise, your student won’t buy it! But, that doesn’t mean that your potential stage is READY to have that problem solved when they first come across you. Especially if they are scrolling on social media, for example – they likely aren’t!

Your job as a course creator is to move your future student THROUGH the customer journey from STRANGER to STUDENT. This usually means moving them through the following ‘stages of awareness’.

Your lead magnet is the FIRST rung; the starting point, NOT the end.

Let’s break down how it works:

Stage #0 — Unaware

At this stage, your future student isn’t aware of the problem they currently have, or it’s not a priority. If your person doesn’t have a problem, or it isn’t something they are motivated to solve, they are a step BEFORE being ready for you!

Offers (including lead magnets, courses and everything else!) solve problems. If your person doesn’t have a problem, or it isn’t something they are motivated to solve, they are a step BEFORE being ready for you! You don’t want to begin your customer journey here.

What they’re thinking – “Something doesn’t feel right” (or they’re thinking nothing at all!)

Stage #1 — Awareness

At this stage, your future buyer has identified that they have a pain, and they are trying to frame/articulate what the exact problem is.

What they’re thinking – “I have a headache, what could be causing it and I wonder what will fix it?”

Your lead magnet is the START of your customer journey, and it should be focused on this stage. Your person has identified a real pain point, and they are trying to frame/articulate the problem properly.

They likely are focused on the wrong thing! They might believe something is the problem but it’s actually something different to your offer (ie they are making a mistake!), or they are looking at a quick, sexy ‘fix’ (even if it’s not the right / long term answer) (“give me an aspirin! That’ll do it!”) or they are looking for the wrong thing entirely (so give them that, and then educate them on what they really need!)

So, the trick is to meet them where they are AT and then educate them on why that thing isn’t actually what they need, or that they need a DEEPER solution (which is covered in your next offer).

Or, to give them a quick ‘win’ (an aspirin), and then show them what they REALLY need to solve the problem once and for all (creating a gap between the solution your lead magnet provides and the problem your flagship course or program addresses).

Stage #2 — Consideration

At this stage, your future buyer has discovered a solution for their problem, and they are researching options.

What they’re thinking – “My headache is caused by dehydration, I need a sports drink!”

By this stage, your lead magnet / welcome sequence should have educated your future student on what the RIGHT solution to their problem is (which is the solution you provide in your flagship course or program!) They will then start considering all of the options out there that provide this solution, and it is your job to get them to choose yours.

Truthbomb, though? The days of being able to funnel strangers from a lead magnet straight into a higher priced ($500+) offer without first warming them up and building the know, like and trust factor are over.

There is a journey clients/students must take before they are primed and ready to work with you.

A lead magnet is a great way to grow your list, but the consideration phase is NUANCED.

Eventually (once you have a core offer and a lead magnet), you ALSO need a product suite for your business that includes a low cost, high value offer to TURN those email subscribers (and the rest of your audience) into buyers QUICKLY.

Wondering how to SUPPLEMENT your lead magnet with a low cost, high value offer so you SUPERCHARGE your list growth, get paid to build an audience of buyers, offset your lead generation costs, weed out freebie seekers and provide a clear, simple ‘gateway’ journey that ALSO sells your higher priced offers like hotcakes?

The answer is Paid to Grow, our quick, actionable workshop series that helps you set one up in 7 days or less so you can drive more qualified leads to your core offers than you can poke a stick at, of course!

Stage #3 — Conversion

At this stage, your future buyer is overcoming any objections, concerns or hesitations to purchasing. This is a normal, EXPECTED part of the sales process, and your job is to overcome those objections confidently.

So there you have it! The buyer journey, and how to turn an email subscriber into a buyer by meeting them where they are at, and moving them through the different phases of awareness to a sale.

Want to FAST TRACK the buyer journey and turn your email subscribers into buyers for your core offers quickly?

The best way to do this is with a Paid to Grow offer — a quick, low cost actionable workshop series that you can create in 7 days or less to turn strangers into buyers for your higher priced offers quickly. It officially launches later this week, but right now you can grab it in pre launch for a steal. Click here to get your hands on it –

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