Social Media and Content Collaborations with Jess Ruhfus, Collabosaurus

July 24, 2018



There are a few strategies that I think have the ability to completely supercharge your social media, marketing and entire business. One of those is, without a doubt, social media and content marketing collaborations.

I have witnessed this first hand in the growth of my own business.

One of my very earliest strategies, before I even had a fully fledged business, was to interview others in similar but non-competing industries as a way of building my brand and getting more people to know that I existed.

It worked.

Within 6 months of starting to do this, I was able to quit my full-time job and start my business with a fully booked roster of clients.

I have never ‘pitched’ for work in the traditional sense since.

So yeah, collaborations work and I’m pretty damn passionate about them.

Chatting about all things collaboration marketing on the podcast, then, was a complete no brainer.

And when I decided that I wanted to that, Jess Ruhfus was the obvious choice of person to chat to.

As the Head Cheese and Founder at Collabosauras, Jess is the queen of collaboration marketing.


  • What collaboration marketing is and why it’s so fabulous;
  • The difference between collaborations and influencer arrangements;
  • How small businesses  can use partners and collaborations to grow their business;
  • Some examples and case studies of kick ass social media collaborations;
  • How Collabosaurus has leveraged collaborations in order to grow its own business;
  • Examples of collaborations opportunities for service-based businesses;
  • Whether you need a contract or formal arrangement for a collaboration.


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