Social Media for Real Estate Agents with Sherrie Storor

May 14, 2018

Social media marketing represents an enormous opportunity for real estate agents wanting to build their personal brand and market their listings online.

Unfortunately, a 2015 study by Hubspot shows that although real estate agents posted more on social media than any other industry, the engagement that they received on those posts was the lowest.


Not a great result.

It means that there is enormous scope and opportunity to stand out if you are a real estate agent that knows how to leverage social media in the right away – by helping, adding value and providing interesting, relevant information that your target audience welcomes – rather than simply promoting listings and sales.

In this episode I interview Sherrie Storor, one of Brisbane’s leading real estate agents and now also a real estate coach teaching others in the industry how to build their best lives.

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This episode will especially helpful not just to real estate agents, but to anyone working in a service-based industry.


We cover:

  • Sherrie’s story and the changes that she is trying to make to the real estate industry;
  • How to use social media to amplify the networking that you already do;
  • How to use social media platforms as your second CRM and the benefits of doing so;
  • What to post on social media;
  • Leveraging live video on Facebook and Instagram;
  • The power of Facebook groups and how to attract 1000 new members in under six weeks;
  • Video strategy for real estate agents;
  • And much, much more.

Would you like the full transcript of this podcast?

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