The Law of Eff Yes or No (And How It Relates to Your Social Media Efforts)

August 1, 2017

The Law of Eff Yes or No - Social Media


I’m going to get right to the crunch here.

Social media, for most businesses, is not a winning marketing tactic.

In spite of the hype, and despite the presence of many businesses on social these days, most just don’t see results from their efforts.

I’m not surprised.

For businesses, social media has hit a critical tipping point. It’s so hot right now, which means that EVERYBODY has jumped on board. And what that means is that it’s become over-saturated., busy and hard to be seen.

Sometimes, it feels almost impossible to get a like, let alone a sale or a lead.

It’s also really bloody hard and frustrating work when you’re starting out, and so for most businesses, it’s (way down) on the ‘need to do’ list, not the ‘want to do’ list.

And herein lies the problem.

Ever decided that you needed to lose weight, without really wanting to do the exercise and eating right bit you needed to get there?  I mean, you’d start with enthusiasm, but it’d wane pretty quick because, *WORK*.

Before long, your efforts would be fairly half assed.

You’d show up on the treadmill sometimes, but you weren’t committed and you definitely didn’t give it your all. The results didn’t come, and you’d just end up giving up.


If you’re ambivalent and lukewarm about it, you’ve already lost.

Especially in a crowded marketplace, the businesses that stand out and do well on social are the ones that see the value in it, take it seriously, and are willing to do the work.

In others words, they’re fucking IN, and it shows.

Which brings us to the Law of Fuck Yes or No.

Which, by the way, I definitely can’t take credit for.

Derek Sivers came up with it first.

Mark Manson followed with a brilliant article applying it to the grey areas around dating.




The businesses that are failing with their social media efforts are, in general, far from fuck YES about their strategy or their opinions around the effectiveness of social itself.

And it shows.

Can you relate?

Here’s nine questions to ask yourself when it comes to all thing social media for your business.

And remember, if it’s not a fuck yes, it’s a no, and you should probably rethink what you’re doing – or whether you should be doing it at all.

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1. Are you willing to take social media seriously?

I’ve said it before. Opening a Facebook account and giving your password to the youngest person in your office isn’t a social media strategy. If you don’t see the value in social media – if the idea of what it could do for your business doesn’t genuinely excite you – then maybe don’t bother.

There are too many businesses that jump on the bandwagon because they’re told it’s something that they SHOULD be doing, with a leader or leaders that secretly think it’s all waste of time. That’s never gonna work.

If you’re not sure but you’re willing to give it a go with an open mind – that’s another story. If not, maybe you’re not quite ready to take the jump.

2. Do you have the time and resources to commit to it?

Even if you see the potential value of social for your biz, you still need to think about the time and resources it’s gonna take to really commit to it. The biggest mistake I see? Businesses getting WAY too over excited and trying to do too much.

Especially when you’re first starting out, it’s important to focus on doing ONE channel really well, before branching out to another.

Nail it, and then move on.

You also need to consider whether you have the resources in house to commit to your socials. It’s time consuming, and for many businesses sits at the bottom of the to do list under all of the other things associated with actually RUNNING a business or providing your services. If that’s you, and you’re not 100% positive you have the resources to commit to it, you don’t. It takes more time than you think.

You might want to think about outsourcing or hiring.

3. Are you confident that you have a great business?

The thing about social media is that it’s, well, social. And if your business sucks, dedicating resources towards ‘doing’ social media is useless at best – and downright harmful at worst.

Producing content for Facebook, Instagram and the other social networks is a two way street – people are able to comment, review and any shortcomings in your business for all to see.

If they have had a negative experience, it will be reflected on Facebook because people will write about you there.

If you’ve got kinks to iron out in your business (or if you’re just flat out not good enough yet), it’s better to dedicate your time and resources to improving your biz before you consider a strong social media presence.

It works in reverse, too. Social media is the modern day plumbing infrastructure for word of mouth. When people have a great experience, social media is often the best way of passing on the message. When people speak favourably about your business online, you can bet that there are others listening – that is the power of social media.

4. Are you crystal clear on who your target audience is?

Everyone is on social. Seriously.

In Australia, 96% of people have a Facebook account (Sensis report 2017). That’s insane, right? Especially considering that just over 10 years ago it didn’t even EXIST.

The thing is though, you can’t appeal to EVERYONE.

And if you don’t know who you’re talking to and tailoring your content to that person, you’re not gonna win on social. You’re just not.

The power of social media lies in the ability it gives you to connect with the community of people interested in you, your story and your business. But in order to do that, you need to know who they are. What makes them tick? What do they like, what don’t they like? Where are they hanging out? How can you help them?

This is one thing you really need to be ‘FUCK YES’ clear on if you want to get anywhere with your social media marketing efforts. ‘I kind of know’ – lukewarm – is no good.

Once you know who they are about what they want, you can tailor your content to them, you can serve Facebook ads targeted specifically to them. There is just SO much you can do.

5. Do you LOVE the content you’re producing?

People do business with those that they know, like and trust.

Social media is all about serving your ideal client valuable content that helps them do just that. If the content that you’re producing isn’t bang on – if you’re not FUCK YES about it – you’re likely not hitting the mark with your potential clients either.

Bad content is ‘meh’ content. It’s content for content’s sake. And it happens a lot.

Usually because businesses are too busy and post as an afterthought, or they’re posting without their ideal audience in mind, or they’re posting poor quality photos and not investing in professional photography.

Bottom line?

They don’t care enough, they don’t have time – or the money, or their priorities are elsewhere.
All fixable problems – but only if you’re FUCK YES enough about social in the first place to want to solve them.

6. Does your ideal client/customer love the content you’re producing?

This is one I see a lot. A business is MADLY, ‘fuck yes!’ in love with the stuff they’re putting out. They think they have it on lock – it’s sorted. And yet, they’re wondering why they aren’t seeing the results they want.

But, here’s the thing. The content that a BUSINESS loves isn’t always the same thing as the content that their audience loves. Because businesses want to sell, and often that comes across as overly salesly, ‘me me me’ content.

Social media by its very nature isn’t a sales platform. It’s a marketing platform designed for storytelling and relationships. If your content is too salesly, it’ll turn people off both it AND your business.

The lesson? Help and provide value by creating content that educates, inspires or entertains. It’ll make people want to connect with your socials, which gives you an opportunity to keep serving them stuff they like and turning up in their newsfeeds.

Then, if they one day ever want the service (or product) you provide, they’ll much likely go to you because you’ve been there providing value all along!

7. Are you in love with your social media visual aesthetic?

Social media is digital eye candy. If your socials don’t look bloody amazing, what sort of first impression are they going to leave to anyone stopping by your page/s and wondering whether to hit the ‘like’ or ‘follow’ button?

Remember the popular girl at school – always perfectly put together, matching outfit, effortlessly cool? That’s kind of how your socials need to be.

Pick two or three colours and ensure that you use them consistently. Make sure your Instagram images fit together and look visually pleasing when viewed all together. And above all, make SURE that you social media pages make consistent use of your branding. Consistency breeds trust, and trust equals (over time!) sales.

8. Are you in it for the long haul?

I’m sorry to disappoint you, but social media isn’t a quick fix for an ailing business. Deciding to commit to a social media strategy is a long term play.

Unlike Google Adwords, where you can put up an ad knowing that people are searching for that exact thing, social media is about brand and developing relationships with people who might do business with you down the track.

In a nutshell, you need to be providing valuable content without expectation over and over, forever. It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

A good girl won’t go home with you after the first date and the same rings true with social. People won’t buy on their first interaction with you. It takes time, effort and patience! Chip away and providing outstanding value, and in time the results will come.

9. So… YES? or no?

If you’re genuinely a big ‘fuck yes!’ to each of the above, you’re gonna nail your social media efforts in the long term. Hands down, no questions asked. Give it consistency, and time, and you’re there.

If you’re not, it’s time to look at why you’re lukewarm. What you’re missing in your strategy. Whether you deep down see the value. Whether you’ve got the time, resources and ‘give a shit’ attitude to really invest in it. Cost if you’re lukewarm about ANY of these things, you’re in trouble.

There’s doing social media, and there’s doing it well.

The Law of Eff Yes or No (And How It Relates to Your Social Media Efforts)

Social Media

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