The “Basic” Marketing Advice You Need to Stop Following RIGHT NOW

April 5, 2022

Let me give it to you straight.

Last year was a doozy in the online marketing world, and quite simply?

Things got harder.

Like, WAY harder.

Ad costs went up.

IOS14 mucked up our Facebook ad tracking. IOS15 removed the ability to track open rates. Organic reach on social went down.

And everyone who, until that point, had had the LUXURY of relying on lazy marketing to grow their business (hello, throwing money at ads to fix their lead problems, or sending boring weekly newsletters, or churning out vanilla cookie cutter social posts) suddenly found themselves up s&^% creek without a paddle 🛶

The truth is?

In the past twelve months, the ability to market your business the “lazy” way went away.

And, for the many businesses that will refuse to adapt and level up? That level of “lenience” isn’t EVER coming back.

The brutal truth is?

Times have changed.

The world has changed.

And no longer can we rely on the same old marketing rhetoric and “basic bitch” tips and strategies being peddled all over Instagram to build profitable, sustainable businesses for the long term with impact.

So the question is — will you level up, and by doing so become one of the few businesses WILLING to stand out?

Or, will you keep doing what you’ve always done? If you’re a service provider, coach, creative, course creator – or anyone that does business on the Internet – the truth is that if you want to survive?

YOU NEED to get more sophisticated and level up the way you think about marketing your business.

Here’s what we cover:

👉 You DON’T need more followers —> You need more qualified LEADS

Not all leads are the same; and much more important than a big email list of people that will never actually buy from you, is a focus on building a marketing strategy that brings in QUALIFIED leads — ones that fit the EXACT qualification criteria for your core offers.

👉 You don’t need more offers —> You need a clearly defined product suite.

The days of throwing up one funnel to a poorly planned out online course, or having 12,342 different offers, or having a business that caters to ‘everyone’ and does ‘everything’ are GONE.

Marketing your business is sexy, but if you haven’t ALSO put real time, attention and effort into a streamlined, FOCUSED product suite where every offer flows seamlessly into the next, you will struggle.

“Customer lifetime value” is more important than EVER, especially if you want to compete in the paid ads landscape in 2022 and beyond. See next point.

👉 You don’t need more freebie lead magnets —> You need clear, buyer-focused ascension model to effortlessly ascend your dream/clients/customers into your core offers.

Your ascension model MATTERS now more than ever because more complex marketing concepts like AOV (average order value) and CLV (customer lifetime value) matters.

You can’t shy away from them, or put them in the “too hard” basket anymore.

Once you have your core offer, you need to put real time and attention into crafting an ascension model for your business that mirrors the customer journey and takes people from stranger > raving customer or client for your big offers.

Expecting someone to go from follower or email subscriber to purchaser of a $1000+ offer straight away isn’t reasonable, so it’s time to think about what your first rung looks like.

👉 You don’t need more offers —> You need to increase your average order value and customer lifetime value of the buyers you already have.

Quite simply — how are you getting MORE out of the customers, clients and students you already have?

Sexy marketing is no longer enough, you need a real focus on providing a high quality experience for the people ALREADY buying from you so they want to stay with you and spend with you.

💣 Truthbomb — it’s time to get more sophisticated with your online marketing strategy. Luckily, sophisticated does NOT need to equal complicated. ALL of the above can be achieved with the addition of ONE thing to your business.

Hint: It’s NOT more social media posts.

It’s NOT more email subscribers.

It’s NOT more complexity.

It’s ONE offer.. that you can create in seven days or less.. that will bring in more QUALIFIED leads than you can poke a stick at and effortlessly ascend them into your main THING (whether that’s your course, coaching, service.. whatever).

We call it a Paid to Grow offer.. and you can get it right now at for a steal.

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