Tips for Event Planning for Small Businesses with Jess Selwood, The Commune Space

February 26, 2019

Ever considered running an event for your small business but haven’t been sure where to start? If so, you’re in luck because in this episode we are chatting all about tips for small business event planning with Jess Selwood, one half of event planning business The Commune Space.

With most marketing efforts focused online these day, we forgot that there is still so much opportunity in ‘offline’ initiatives. Jess and I discuss how to use events in your business as both a marketing and customer experience channel – and why you should be considering hosting one in your business if you HAVEN’T thought about it already.

So, let’s dive in!

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Main topics covered:

  • Why should a small business consider holding an event?
  • Events are a great way to warm up potential leads and to give people an insight into you brand and business – leaving them wanting more!
  • The importance of human to human connection and the value in getting your current and potential customers into a room together.
  • The fears and pain points around holding an event – including fear around budget and profit, and the fear that people won’t come! – and how to overcome them.
  • The importance of setting objectives for your event, including building authentic connections, generating leads and more.
  • The types of events that a small business can run, and examples of different events and their objectives.
  • The five steps involved in organising an event for your small business, including the minimum amount of planning time involved.
  • How to create a killer brand experience for your event.
  • How to tackle an event budget, and where to invest your budget first.
  • How to market your event and sell tickets, including Jess’ FOMO strategy to play on urgency and scarcity.

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Tips for Event Planning for Small Businesses
Event Planning Tips for Small Business

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