Using Social Media to Build a Successful Business | Interview with Pru Chapman, Owners Collective

February 8, 2018

Pru Chapman heads up Owners Collective, which is dedicated digital community for early stage entrepreneurs, providing tools, tips, education and inspiration to help people create sustainable and profitable businesses.

And they are killing it on social media.

I first came across Pru and Owners Collective at the beginning of last year, just as they were kicking off their Launching Legends program, which is an online startup festival held every year  with a full program of courses, training and know how to kick start people thinking about or in the early stages of starting their biz.

They definitely caught my attention for a few reasons.

One, they KNEW business and how to teach it to people in a fun, supportive way. ‘

Two, they had gotten together an awesome community of likeminded people for the course through really clever online marketing.

And three, their Facebook group was THE most active and supportive community I’d ever come across on the Interwebs. Which, if you’ve ever tried to start a Facebook group, you would know that it’s no easy feat.

SO, there was a lot for us to talk about, and for businesses wondering how to really nail their socials and use them to build the business of their dreams this episode comes at the perfect time.

There’s been a lot of changes recently to the algorithms which make it harder to be seen on social, but Pru and Owners Collective is one business getting it right so there’s a lot to learn from her!


We chat about:

  • Pru’s story and the journey of Owners Collective;
  • The importance of building a strong community on social media;
  • Email marketing and its importance;
  • How to incorporate Facebook Live into your strategy – even when you’re scared of it!
  • And much, much more.

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‘Til next time!

Using Social Media to Build a Successful Business | Interview with Pru Chapman, Owners Collective

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