What’s Working with Facebook Ads Right Now – 11 Top Tips For Success

April 30, 2019

Episode Summary:

Just so you know?

There’s a LOT of change going down in the world of Facebook ads.

What worked even six months ago doesn’t work anymore.

Competition on the platform is increasing, and ad costs are rising.

Case in point?

Two years it would cost me $100 to acquire 300 leads.

Now, it’s $300 to acquire 100 (on a very good day).

With the changing landscape, it’s no longer enough to know simply how the Facebook ads manager works.

Instead, you need to know the strategies that work.

In this week’s Stevie Says Social podcast episode, you’ll learn what’s working in Facebook ads right now.

  1. Salesly ads don’t work. User experience is key.
  2. Social proof is more important than ever.
  3. Be careful of split testing TOO much.
  4. Personal, native looking ads work best.
  5. Use the faces that represent the people that you’re attempting to target.
  6. Get your Facebook Pixel sorted.
  7. The Facebook ad algorithm is getting smarter, so bigger audiences are working.
  8. Pay attention to what happens after the click.
  9. Remarketing is a must.
  10. Use Instagram Placements – don’t just focus on the Facebook newsfeed.
  11. Know your numbers.

And guys? It’s not all doom and gloom.

Many of the changes coming, and recently made, to the Facebook ad platform are actually for the best.

They mean greater visibility around why your ad is (or isn’t) performing.

They mean less time consuming split testing.

They mean better ways of making the most of your budget.

And above all, they mean that running ads as a small business is going to get easier.

The times are a’ changing.

Listen in to find out 11 ways to work with them, and to improve your ad results.

Because one thing that i know for sure?

If you can get them right, they can transform your business (they did mine).

So, let’s dive in!

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