Why NOT Having an Ascension Model is Hurting Your Business

April 6, 2022

“What is an ascension model, and why do I need one?” – said, well, basically no-one ever (because everyone is far too obsessed wondering how to get more engagement on Instagram).

Well, everyone – it’s time to start asking better questions, because the truth is?

An ascension model is HOW you take all of your fluffy followers and email subscribers (you know, the ones that you spend hours creating CONTENT for but who never actually buy your stuff?) and turn them into actual, paying customers.

And that’s EXACTLY what we are diving DEEP into in today’s episode of the podcast.

If you don’t yet have a strategically crafted ascension model for your business — whether you’re a course creator, service provider, coach, or ANYONE doing business online, it’s time to start asking how to incorporate one into your business.

Here’s what we cover:

Here’s the breakdown, bullet point style (because I know “ascension model” doesn’t sound all that sexy and I don’t want to lose you here) —

1. Every viable business needs a core offer that converts.

In other words? An offer that sells.

If you DON’T, you don’t have a business —> you have a hobby.

Question for you – Do you have a core offer that has sold?

If yes — keep reading.

If no — fix that first.

2. Once you HAVE a core offer that converts, you need a process for funnelling dream customers/clients/students from NEVER having heard about you before to beating down the door to buy from you.

This is called an ASCENSION MODEL (sexy, huh 💋).

3. Your ascension model STARTS with social media, an email list and all of the basic marketing advice being peddled by every guru on Instagram — but it certainly doesn’t end there.

Question for you — once someone is in your ecosystem, let’s say an email subscriber or social media follower, what’s the next step for them? If you don’t KNOW that unequivocally — keep reading.

If your answer is — for them to buy my $500+ thing, DEFINITELY keep reading.

4. Once you HAVE a follower or email subscriber, there is a PROCESS that they must go through before they are ready to buy from you.

The days of someone discovering you on Facebook and immediately buying your $1000 course are gone (and they’re not coming back). The secret? Incrementally building the know, like and trust factor — either slowly over time with a consistent and strategic content marketing strategy — OR.. MUCH MORE QUICKLY WITH A LOW COST, RIDICULOUSLY HIGH VALUE DIGITAL OFFER.

This becomes the BOTTOM rung in your ascension model.

Here’s the gist:

  1. You make a strategic no-brainer LOW COST, but ridiculously high value offer, use it to solve a quick problem (there’s a strategy around WHICH problem to solve), and at the same time prime your audience FAST for the next offer in your product suite.
  2. From there? Strategically and effortlessly ascending them into your CORE, money making offers.. on autopilot.

Time saved? — HEAPS (because you’re quickly funnelling your audience into a “no brainer” gateway offer and using it to nurture your audience weeks.. months.. YEARS.. faster than you would by keeping them on your social platforms or email list “until they’re ready”).

Money saved? — Well, this strategy actually makes you money. Like, you quite literally get PAID to generated QUALIFIED leads (aka DREAM customers/clients/students) and to funnel them into your core offers


That’s exactly what our BRAND NEW mini course, Paid to Grow, does. Discover how to create a low cost, high value workshop to get a quick cash injection and to drive more qualified leads to your core offers than you can poke a stick at.

You can get it right now at steviesayssocial.com/courses for a steal.

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