Why Organic Content is More Important Than EVER in 2022 With Laura Higgins, Lala Social Club

March 15, 2022

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Newsflash! Facebook ad costs are rising. Online marketing is getting more complicated and more convoluted with every algorithm change and Google/IOS update. And yet, the more things changes.. the more, it seems, they stay the same.

In today’s podcast episode, I talk to Laura Higgins at Lala Social Club all about why organic content in 2022 is more important than ever, and how to make it work for you — even if you’re strapped for time, have no idea where to start and the idea of spending 5+ hours on the content hamster wheel makes you want to poke your eye out.

Laura Higgins, founder of Lala Social Club and My Marketing Playbook, is an Australia-based online marketing expert. Her online marketing know-how spans many industries – finance, hospitality, beauty, construction, you name it. Her witty, dynamic and humorous communication style makes her an engaging presenter and podcast guest. Host of My Business Playbook podcast and creator of the online marketing course “My Marketing Playbook,” Laura is on a mission to uncomplicate marketing for creative women in business.

Here’s what we cover: 

  • [4.40] How to Build an Organic Content Strategy for Service Providers. Selling services is different from selling products, so you can’t just follow the same content plan as product-based businesses if you’re a photographer, designer, or someone selling your expertise. You need to provide value to your audience by producing content that resonates deeply with them. But how? Laura drops 7 questions you need to ask yourself before getting started.
  • [9.05] How to Attract Your Dream Clients by Narrowing Your Niche. Making your market smaller sounds terrifying, but Laura says it’s a must. Once you limit your focus, you can “cut through the noise” and attract clients that need you the most. Accepting that you can’t serve everyone helps you direct your time and energy to those you can actually help and work with. For example, Laura recalls the launch of her “My Marketing Playbook” online course and explains why she needed to narrow her market to get better results.
  • [18.50] Laura’s #1 Marketing Strategy. When deciding your next steps in life, career, or business, one question always pops up: What are you good at? If you can answer that, then you’ll have an idea of what to do and where to go, but you still get stuck. Why? Is it because you wait to be confident or prepared or smart or perfect enough before you move forward? If yes, listen to Laura’s top marketing strategy that’s perfectly applicable in all areas of life.
  • [24.00] Tips to Overcoming Perfectionism & Creating Awesome Content. Most times, the pressure is only in your head. You don’t need to overthink your content to the point of paralysis; just get yourself out there and consistently create something new, meaningful, and yours. Laura says injecting humor and personality into your content helps make it more relatable and easier to produce, too. 
  • [28.52] How to Build A System That Boosts Your Own Creative Process. When you’re constantly hunting for fresh materials, batching your content helps a lot. But that’s easier said than done. Like Laura and Stevie, you can feel stuck on a hamster wheel trying to juggle several responsibilities at once. Setting up a system can help ease your creative blocks. Laura advises using project management tools to “brain dump” your ideas. She also encourages spending alone time in a café, by the beach, or even in the quiet corner of your room to let yourself rest and reboot.
  • [35.23] 4 Key Categories for Effective Content Pieces. The ultimate goal of any content is to spark a shift in mindset among your audience, but doing that requires you to structure your content first. Laura explains the 4 key foundations of valuable content: education, inspiration, entertainment, and offer. If you implement these in your content and aim for a perfect mix of all four, you can achieve maximum results.
  • [39.40] What an Offer Is & How to Create an Irresistible One. Great marketing without a compelling offer still leads to nothing. Laura and Stevie share tips on how to package, position, and talk about your products or services more powerfully. It’s not enough that you run ads and post on Instagram; it matters more that you produce organic content that taps into your market’s mind and emotions. Here’s Stevie’s advice: Hook them with what they think they need and then give them what they actually need.
  • [46.20] Laura’s Hacks For More Efficient Ads Management. Laura shares comments on how the recent changes in iOS affect Facebook ads performance. She recommends doing a duplicate landing page to get accurate data on your organic traffic and ads conversions.

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